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A Narrative Essay on “The Day When Your Pet Died” – Tips 2022

A narrative essay is based on a central idea. The central idea is used to narrate the entire story or experience of the writer. Just like other types of essays, writing a narrative essay also requires effective writing skills. It is not possible for a student or a beginner writer to develop effective writing skills immediately. This can be explained by the saying of a professional writer of a well-known professional essay writing service, He states that “it is very necessary for a student for a beginner writer to spend time learning to write effectively”.

This can very well be accomplished by the different types of essay writing assignments that are assigned by the instructors to the students in most of the courses, specifically English or literature courses. Students often deal with a number of different issues while writing effective Narrative essays. These issues might include the lack of generation of ideas, not being able to properly convey the ideas to the readers, or even improper organization of the different parts of the essay. These different issues are the reason most of the students hesitate from writing narrative essays.

For instance, I recently heard a student telling his essay writer free “Will you kindly help me write my essay as I am facing a number of different issues in effectively writing a narrative essay for my English assignment”. Before starting to write Narrative essays, students or beginner writers should at first search what the essay is about and what is the purpose for writing it. In addition to that, he should carry out detailed research to know about the ways that can help him in effectively writing a narrative essay. 

Tips to write an effective narrative essay

According to a professional college essay writer, different tips can be used to effectively write narrative essays. Mentioned below are some of the tips for writing an effective narrative essay:

  1. Always use a clear voice to convey your ideas to the readers. This clear voice can be constructed by the use of simple words and sentences. A writer should always keep in consideration the audience for whom he is writing the narrative essay. This consideration will help the writer in conveying the points in a way that attracts the attention of the audience and help them understand easily.
  2. While writing the narrative essay do not go in-depth about each and every point as this might make the discussion boring. However, make sure to maintain a balance between every point and only provide information that is necessary. 
  3. Use dynamic words in your narrative essay to attract the attention of your audience and encourage them to read more.
  4. Avoid using more references in a narrative essay. Make sure to narrate the story or any experience in your own words as it adds a duty to the narrative essays. In short, limit the use of external sources or references in a narrative essay.
  5. Create a balance between all the paragraphs as this will help in maintaining the consistency of the overall narrative essay. A consistently written essay helps in attracting the attention of the audience easily and without putting in the extra effort. 

Sample narrative essay on “The day when your pet died”

There are a number of people in your life who have helped us in the good and bad times. But there are a few people or companions that have played a significant role in making us believe that we are beautiful in ourselves and have helped us move towards a quality life again. We all are very aware of the fact that the different experiences in life mold us completely. These experiences might positively or negatively change our lives. I have been to some experiences in life that have completely changed the meaning of my life and have completely made me forget the beauty that rests in me. This was the time I found out that there is no one behind me in my tough times. I never needed someone who is loyal in front of me but is the biggest enemy of mine behind my back. 

During this time there was only one companion who stood with me in every situation. This companion was no one but my pet. The support and assistance provided by my pet were not at all comparable with that of anyone in my life. The reason behind this was his loyalty. I reached a day when again I felt like I lost my life completely. It was Friday When I was going to the clinic for my check-up with my pet. My pet was sitting with me on the car seat. We were on our way when a huge truck hit our car. I was severely injured and became unconscious after the hit. When I opened my eyes in the hospital the nurse told me that my pet was no more in this world. This was the time that changed my life completely again. I lost my all-time companion and I lost the meaning of my life.

Insisted the doctor let me meet my all-time companion for the very last time. He was full of blood and was not at all recognizable. I lost my senses and became unconscious again. I never knew that he would hold such a significant value in my life. It’s been 3 months and I have not smiled again as I used to when my pet was with me. 

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