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A Compare and Contrast essay on “Day-Time Working Versus Night-Shift Working” – Guide 2022

Effective writing skill is a skill that is not just helpful in doing different assignments that are given to the students by their instructors specifically in English and literature courses. However, it is a skill that helps in making a person conversate effectively such that the other person listens or hears what is intended to be conveyed to him. A professional writer of a well-known online essay writing service once suggested to the beginner writers or students that “Keep improving your writing skills as effective writing skills are the key to effective conversations”.

This shows the importance of writing skills in properly conveying the viewpoint or perspective to the other person.  Even though students are usually asked to write different types of essays by their instructors, it has been found that they do not pay considerable attention to it.

The reason behind this is that most of the students are not even aware of what these essays are for and what is the importance of learning to write these different types of essays. I recently heard a kid asking her elder brother “write essay for me as I do not like to do it”.

After investigating the brother found that he never was made aware of the importance of writing essays. This shows that students should at first be made aware of what the essays are for and how they can help them in the future. 

Compare and contrast essay, as the name implies, is the type of essay in which two different things, places, or people are compared with one another on the basis of their characteristics or features. The comparison or contrast can be made on the basis of the strengths as well as the weaknesses. Writing an effective compare and contrast essay is not that difficult.

Tips for writing effective compare and contrast essays

Mentioned below are some of the tips that can help you in writing effective compare and contrast essays:

  1. Prepare a detailed outline for the compare and contrast essay before starting the write-up. This outline should include the main points that are to be included in the essay. Apart from that, after including all the points in the outline, check the structure of the essay and maintain a flow by organizing the different points accordingly. This step should be performed in the outline as organizing the points after writing the entire essay is very difficult for the writer and it also breaks the flow of the writing. 
  2. Use the point by point method to explain the different points on the basis of which the comparison or contrast is done. The point-by-point method helps The Reader’s understanding one particular point clearly and does not create ambiguity in the essay.
  3. Discuss one particular point in one paragraph as it will allow you to effectively make your readers understand the similarities or differences between the two things.
  4. Maintain the consistency of your compare and contrast essay by considering and maintaining the consistency of each paragraph included in the essay.

Sample compare and contrast essay on “Day-time working versus night-shift working”

And experienced by the employees within an organization can be affected by the daily schedule. Different types of working shifts have been introduced. The purpose of these shapes is to make the working hours of the people flexible based on their daily routines. The most commonly introduced working shifts are day shift and night shift. Employees experience very different benefits in each of these shapes. 

The night shift offers flexible working hours while the day shift does not. Most people find it difficult to wake up early in the morning and leave for the office. Apart from that most people are used to sleeping late at night and because of this, they find the night shift better than the day shift.

Daytime working maintains a healthy routine of the human body. Waking up early in the morning is considered to be good for the healthy routine of the person. However, on the other hand, staying active late at night is not considered healthy for the body. The daytime working allows employees to arise early for work and come back early on time with the remaining day free for them. An essay writer online is just required to consider a number of different things such as the structure of the essay, the way he conveys his ideas, the main components of the essay, etc. 

Daytime working is good for sleep as the employee is able to sleep at night and release all his body stress. Apart from that, sleeping at night is healthy for the body. While in the night shift working, night sleep is not possible for the employee. Most people are not able to maintain their routine of sleeping in the day because of their night shift and this is the reason they are not able to sleep properly.

Improper daily routine and improper sleep because of the night shift working gives rise to several cognitive and physical health issues. Due to the night shift working most of the people are found to complain of stress and anxiety issues. Moreover, they are found to suffer from other health issues. 

Employees for whom the day shift is suited choose to work in the daytime while others who find night shifts suitable choose it as their working hours. Just like benefits, each of these working shifts has disadvantages as well. 

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